TheFamilyGateway.Net is an online mental health resource for the families, educators, and child-serving professionals of Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties in north central Indiana. This online resource is sponsored by The Family Gateway.

The Family Gateway is the system of care for Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties. A system of care is a spectrum of effective, community-based services and supports for children and youth with, or at risk for, mental health or other challenges and their families. A system of care is organized into a coordinated network, builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth, and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs, in order to help them function better at home, in school, in the community, and throughout life.

The Family Gateway has partnered with Oaklawn – our community mental health center, local school districts, families, other child serving systems, and additional mental health providers to work together to ensure that all children, youth, and their families in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties have the social and emotional supports and services they need for healthy development and school success.

A goal of this website is to increase school, family, and community access to quality mental health information and resources so that we can all support our children and youth in their life-long, healthy development.

We want this website to be helpful to you as educators, family members, or other child-serving professionals. Portions of this site will always be under development, so please check back frequently for updates or feel free to e-mail us through the “Contact Us” form in the top right corner of each page with suggestions about how to make it more useful to you.

***IMPORTANT!! The information contained on this website is informational only, not comprehensive, and should never be used as a tool to rule out or to formulate a diagnosis.  Mental health diagnoses should be made only by a trained mental health professional after a thorough evaluation.***

The initial development of this website was funded in part by a grant for the Integration of Mental Health in Schools through the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education. The Family Gateway is deeply indebted to Debbie Mintz, MSW and colleagues of The Students First Project hosted at Howard Center in Burlington, Vermont who initially developed and assembled the vast majority of the content for this website. Additional funds were provided through the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction and Indiana University Health – Goshen. The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of these funders.


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