Youth in Out-of-Home Placements

Children who join a family through foster care,  kinship care or adoption may have had prior experiences of abuse or neglect, witnessing domestic violence, living with a substance abusing parent, or a parent in need of mental health care treatment. They may have lived in poverty, without adequate healthcare, housing, or nutrition. At the very least, they have experienced a loss of a primary caregiver. Any of these factors present risks for the development of mental health concerns. Children who experience multiple placements outside of the home (i.e. moving multiple times between home and alternative placements) are at even increased risk for mental health concerns and should be monitored closely for signs or symptoms.


Click on the links below for additional information about supporting the mental health of children and youth in out of home placements.

Effects of Separation and Loss on Children’s Development– opens in PDF format

Helping Those Who Need it Most: Meeting the Mental Healthcare Needs of Youth in the Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems – opens in PDF format

Foster Care and School Mental Health

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