Asperger Syndrome


Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a neurological disorder marked by difficulties in communication and social interaction and by the presence of repetitious or rigid routines and/or limited interests. Children with AS may have a preoccupation with one particular interest that tends to be the focus of conversations and free play.

Children with AS have varying patterns of language development. While some achieve language milestones within appropriate time frames, some have clear language delays. Children with AS may speak in an overly formal manner or have unusual patterns in their volume, intonation, or rate of speech. Although children with AS may have a vast vocabulary and sound like “little professors”, they¬†often have impaired language comprehension. In addition, they may have difficulty with conversational skills, including problems with turn taking and a tendency to limit conversations to special interests. They may also have difficulty using and understanding non-verbal communication, including gestures, facial expressions, and personal space.

Although many children with AS do desire friendships, they may display socially and emotionally inappropriate responses or lack essential social skills. As a result, they may fail to develop age appropriate peer relationships.

Fortunately, early identification and appropriate intervention can help children with Asperger Syndrome to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Asperger Booklet or Asperger Quick Fact Sheet (for easier printing) – opens in PDF

Asperger Classroom Strategy Sheet – opens in PDF

Asperger Home and Family Strategy Sheet – opens in PDF

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