Special Note to Parents

If you are visiting this website, it is possible that you have a child who is struggling with mental health care needs. Most parents neither expect nor prepare for this as they embark on their parenting journey. For most parents, education about childhood mental health problems begins with a child and with challenges. Then – with the help of friends, family, schools, community organizations, websites, and books – parents complete a “crash course” on parenting their unique child. We have provided a short booklet entitled “Children and Mental Health Booklet” (opens in PDF) “Los Ninos y la Salud Mental” which may be helpful as a start.

Though you may feel overwhelmed, unsure, and even alone as you set out on your journey, rest assured that this path has been well traveled by other parents who helped develop this website by meeting together and envisioning what information they wish had been available to them when they first faced concerns about their own children.

Parents serve as equal partners with professionals in developing and carrying out plans for their children’s mental health care. In order to be an effective partner, you need to be well informed about the challenges affecting your child, available services, and how and where to get help. Fortunately, in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties, help is available in many forms and places. A good place to start is on the pages of this website. Though this site is not comprehensive, it provides enough information about child and adolescent mental health, how things work in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties, and related resources to help you along your path. In addition the systems of care in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties have parent groups. The Elkhart group is The Parent SOURCE. The St. Joseph County group is The Parent’s Connection.

There is a lot of information contained in this website, but its message can be boiled down to two simple statements.

You are not alone!


                                                     Help is available!



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