System of Care

What if we were part of a community where youth who are experiencing complex mental health and other needs and their families…

    • Had the most significant voice as they made choices to help their children?
    • Felt that their own family values and culture were respected and were front and center in the efforts to assist them?
    • Believed that their strengths were recognized and that others were there to help build on those strengths rather than tear them down?
    • Could tell that community helpers would not give up on their children or their families when things were not going well?
    • Knew that they were being treated like the individual youth and individual family that they are?
    • Had a chance to have services delivered in the context of their families instead of sending the child away whenever possible?
    • Were able to involve their own support systems in the process—bringing their neighbor, Uncle Joe, their pastor, the youth worker or whoever else they wanted to be a part of the solution?
    • Weren’t being told one thing by one part of the system and another thing by another part of the system, making it impossible for them to please everyone and make a decision that will really help?

Hopefully, children, youth and families who are part of the System of Care in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties can share in those experiences. It is the vision of The Family Gateway System of Care that it functions to empower children and families by expanding possibilities for their care.

The System of Care exists to support children who have complicated mental health concerns and their families so that solutions can be found by bringing the community together around their needs and engaging their inherent strengths to make good things happen. Partners come not only from the systems that families utilize but from those natural supports selected by the family because they are important to them and vital to their lives.

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